• Kuma tubes by Arsene Lupin
Kuma tubes by Arsene Lupin

Kuma tubes by Arsene Lupin

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The great illusion that fits in your car


A set of basic devices for this effect allows you to build up to six minutes of routine finished with a double magic punch. To see the effect - watch the movie. The film shows the routine of Paul Daniels, for which Arsène Lupine has direct author's permission and which has been used in his programs since 1995.

The set for sale includes a special construction table (this is the original Arsène Lupine technical idea), a tablecloth, one pitcher and two tubes (in which the secret gimmick is also Arsène Lupine's idea). The set has no scarves or ... rice.

The table is completely demountable. The edges of the tubes are finished with a brass cover. Everything is packed in two boxes made of thick cardboard. The dimensions of the boxes allow transport of the whole in a small passenger car. The sale, however, is not subject to the routine watched on film.

Video App: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/I_evYWgHXIA

Video App 2 : https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/EJ_JasPVeY4


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  • Kuma tubes by Arsene Lupin video
  • Kuma tubes by Arsene Lupin video

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