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  • Pirámide de dados by Arsene Lupin
  • Pirámide de dados by Arsene Lupin
  • Pirámide de dados by Arsene Lupin
  • Pirámide de dados by Arsene Lupin
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Pirámide de dados by Arsene Lupin

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Here's one of the most beautiful dice effects on the market.

Four dice are shown, each one bigger than the previous one, and they are stacked leaving the smallest one on top.

Now, the set of dice is covered with a tube, which is shown completely, covered, and turned over, so that the smallest dice will now be under the whole, and the larger one in the part. higher.

Simply with a magic pass, when removing the tube it will be seen that the dice have been repositioned, leaving the largest one at the bottom and the smallest one at the top.

Again, and to demonstrate the effect more clearly, everything is covered with the tube again, and the whole set is turned, and when the dice are uncovered again they will have magically reorganized in order.

As if that was not enough, it is covered again with the tube and the set is rotated again, and for the final finish, the dice are not only put back in order but also all change color, now one is red, another green, blue and white.

A spectacular effect, with an absolutely professional design and qualities.

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