• Pizarra Beduinos + extras by Arsene Lupin
  • Pizarra Beduinos + extras by Arsene Lupin
Pizarra Beduinos + extras by Arsene Lupin

Bedouin family + bonus by Arsene Lupin

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This slate is a marvel, since it will allow you to make several visual effects and very funny about it.

On a beautiful magnetic board you can tell stories like the following:

The original effect is called "The Bedouins", and tells the story of a family that has to share the inheritance.

With high-quality magnetic pieces, the beautiful and colorful story is formed that involves a mathematical problem, solved with ingenuity, and with a magical and disconcerting point for the audience.  

In addition, as an addition, several games are now available that you can also perform.

All are puzzles difficult solution for the public, very clever.

The dwarfs.

They are three magnetic sheets with dwarves drawn on them.

Simply changing one for another will get one of the dwarfs appear and disappear.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how many hours you spend on it, you will not find the solution.  

Ticket puzzle.

Several pieces make up a ticket, and even if we eliminate one of them, we will still be able to form the ticket again, although with a very magical surprise.  

Optical illusion.

Two pieces are placed next to each other, and the audience is asked what they think is bigger.

Surprisingly they will be wrong again and again.


An amazing puzzle in which, no matter how many pieces you put or remove, there will be no changes.  

Pyramid puzzle.

A challenge to mathematics in a pyramidal form.  

The material manufactured by Arsene Lupine stands out because it is of a superior quality than what can usually be found in the market.

His meticulousness to achieve the best finishes turn his articles into real works of art.

Video App:https://youtu.be/IGgP4xxTl_8


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