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Ring in key by Arsene Lupin

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It is an old, silver key, which you can present as a key to a haunted mansion.

At first you can perform the effect of the enchanted key, where it, placed in the palm of your hand, slowly rotates until it makes a complete turn without anyone touching it.

But to prove that this key is enchanted, ask someone for a ring or alizanda, and show what this key can do.

By simply placing the ring and the key under a handkerchief, when you lift it up again, you will see that the ring has been trapped inside the key, between the "head of the key and its teeth".

No matter how hard they try, no one will be able to make the ring free from the inside of the key, until you, again, put everything under a handkerchief and get that when you remove it again the ring and the key are completely separated.

A normal ring lent by any spectator is used.

The method is so well resolved that no one will suspect a thing or be able to figure out how it works.

The articles manufactured by Arsene Lupine differ from the rest because they are made under close supervision and with the best materials available to achieve authentic works of magic that really "works".

3 Items

Specific References

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