trilogia by Top secret

Trilogia by Top Secret

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An improved version of the classic effect.

Thinking About You
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Imagine the public reaction when you see this miracle a few centimeters from his eyes.


To this effect, you only need a prediction and the help of your audience.


Among the spectators, you ask one of them to name a card from the deck of poker freely among the 52 possible, and looking at your deck to place on the table.

By showing the deck, he teaches that in their backs is written in a different number each from 1 to 52.

To prove it, you can ask two other spectators who each tell a number, and once appointed pagers your deck leaving these two cards face down beside you left before.


It would be incredible that your prediction were written exactly what they would freely choose the spectators, but to show the prediction is that nothing's there printed matches.

Then in a dramatic turn, you solve the game the way most amazing you can do, showing that everything that happened was written from the beginning.


The elections of the letter and the numbers are completely free.

It requires no skill, so you'll be ready to play as soon as you receive them.

Made Bicycle cards.

Arsene Lupin DVD which will show you firsthand the effect and its potential is supplied.


Another effect of "magic works".


"The effect easier and impossible with cards I have seen in years. In addition the trick is played with a single deck usual Bicycle, which is what breaks the magician"

Dario Hueta

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