The head of Piter

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The head of Piter

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The head of Piter

Thinking About You
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Here's one of the classic effects by Arsene Lupin made a supreme quality.

Shows a wooden character, which we call Pitagorín. This character had so many things on my mind, that one day he forgot at home.

Saying this, the doll's head separated from the body, and insert it somewhere to make it disappear such as a bag changes.

When he arrived at school, he decided to replace his forgotten Pitagorín head by a balloon (at this moment fans a balloon and place it in the place of the head, even drawing the eyes and mouth of the doll).

Other children to see the balloon in the head laughed a lot, but they did not know is that Pitagorín was a magician, and with a simple click ............ zasss

The balloon is pricked and instead will again head Pitagorín not leaving no trace of it in the bag that introduced above.

This effect is a classic of magic, but is now manufactured with superior quality as Arsene Lupin reference.

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The head of Piter

The head of Piter

The head of Piter

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