• Cuerda Impossible by Top Secret
Cuerda Impossible by Top Secret

Cuerda Impossible by Top Secret


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Imagine that you have just finished a string routine or some object you are about to put away, and when you return to the scene you have a rope point through one of the sleeves.

The audience begins to laugh, it seems as if the magician does not realize that he has that hanging.

The magician notices the rope and begins to draw it as if he wanted to remove it, but ...

It starts to stretch from the rope and to everyone's surprise they are too many meters, until at some point the rope gets stuck.

Then the magician looks at his leg and sees another end of the rope appear, and begins to stretch.

When it stretches from the other end, the rope goes in by its sleeve seeing that the rope is the same both the one that enters as the one that leaves.

At one point, the rope becomes jammed again and surprisingly the tip of the rope that came through the sleeve is now on the other leg.

When stretching now by a left leg, the rope enters by right leg, which causes surprise and hilarity in the public.

When finally the rope comes out drag the magician's underpants.

Important points:

- You can do it anytime of the show

- When you finish, the effect ends completely clean, with nothing in the body

- The public sees a single string at all times, even when it has all gone


"If you want to detach yourself from the other magicians, start to do this" forgotten "effect and you will see that this is magic that works"

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