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  • Elevation Playing Card
Elevation Playing Card

Elevation Playing Card

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Elevation Playing Card "Move Mountains"


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The Story Behind the Design: Designed by Bruno Azevedo and produced by EmilySleights52, this deck represents the struggles that life often throws at us.

Even though we all go through difficult, dark times, it's extremely important to keep moving forward and to persevere.

The back design features trees and mountains which represent difficulties. The shooting stars in the sky help create a wonderful effect when fanned, and remind us that sometimes things do go downwards in our life.

The beautiful blue compass in the center of the design brings attention to the fact that we must always head north and keep advancing, no matter what occurs.

"Elevation" as the name of the deck is an invitation to keep going up and moving forward in life. The Cards: Manufactured by Cartamundi, the world's #1 company in production and sales of cards, Elevation is printed with True Linen B9 Finish and SlimLine Paper Stock (the same stock that's used for COPAG 310's) which will ensure that the cards are highly durable and will also feel great! -

Two way back design that creates a beautiful fanned effect.

- Traditional borders.

- Recolored courts showcasing an elegant forest green.

Most courts are holding something custom related to hiking: a map, a hiking stick, a compass and a plant.

- 5 completely custom courts, featuring @bplayingcards, @courier_stu, @xaviorspade, @_caramelislife and @emilysleights52.

- Custom ace of spades that states "Move Mountains".

- 3 jokers-yes, 3 jokers! Two are identical and the third features a broken wind-rose where even the word "joker" is shattered... great to use in magic effects!

- Double back card included.

The Tuck: This tuck beautifully showcases all of the aspects of the back design: shooting stars, trees, plants, mountain, and the gorgeous compass.

On the sides of the tuck it says, "Move Mountains" and "Night Edition".

• The cards are poker size.


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