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How to be a magician?

I want to be a magician, how do I do it? Where do I start?

Many times when someone likes something, they don't know where to start gathering information on that topic, meaning they don't know where to start.

Most likely, you will search the Internet, and check the different entries provided by the search engine par excellence Google.

From there and depending on the sites visited, information can be obtained to take the first steps.

Here we are going to recommend the best way to learn illusionism so that in the future you can perform magic acts like a professional

Don't Google everything

The good thing about Google is that everything is there …… .., the bad thing about Google, is also that everything is there.

Separating the wheat from the chaff, or in other words, obtaining good information and discarding the bad is practically impossible and takes time.

Look only for what can help you take the first step to find good information offline.

Youtube is not a good idea

If you like to use YouTube to watch videos, I recommend that you see professional magicians and see how they do what they do, instead of worrying about knowing the secret.

Look at what they say, how they say it, how they move, how they perform.

Learning the "trick", the secret, may only take a few minutes and is not the most important thing.

If what you want is to learn magic, take a look at how magicians get that magical feeling

Find a teacher

Surely in your city there is a magician who can teach you. If you have the opportunity, interview several of them and stay with the one that gives you the most confidence.

In Valencia there are several sites specialized in magic courses such as La Varita Magic Academy .

Find out if someone in your city is also scheduling courses.

Magic Associations

Almost every major city in Spain has an association of magicians.

Talk to them to see where you can take classes or buy a good book.

Normally you will not be able to be a member until you have a minimum knowledge but they will surely guide you to take your first steps.

Magic Shops

There are many magic shops in Spain, and although almost all of them sell online, I recommend a personal visit to one that has a public establishment.

There they will inform you of the various suitable books, or DVDs to start with, as well as magic games intended for beginners.

If you don't have a magic shop nearby, call for advice on the material you can buy to get started.

Don't be afraid. If you are from Valencia, La Varita Mágica is the only magic shop in Valencia and one of the most important in Spain.

Magic Books

Magic books and magic tricks for beginners can be easily purchased.

At La Wand Mágica Valencia we have the right material to start with

School of Magic in Valencia

La Varita Magic Academy is a school of magic with more than 15 years of experience training new magicians.

Own classroom, teachers who are professional magicians, magic courses with different levels, etc .. make La Varita Magic Academy one of the best magic schools in Valencia to learn.

If you want to be a magician and amaze the world, now you know where to start