• The mummy by Arsene Lupin
  • The mummy by Arsene Lupin
  • The mummy by Arsene Lupin
The mummy by Arsene Lupin

The mummy by Arsene Lupin

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Arsene Lupine brings us another of her new magic effects.

He shows a large sarcophagus as you tell the true story of Cleopatra, saying that his tomb has never been found, and it is not even known if it is mummified.

Open the sarcophagus and show a mummy inside, while you say that here you have a reliable reproduction of what you think is the original sarcophagus.

He says that everyone thinks that Cleopatra was not too pretty, and as you say this you start to pull a tape that comes out of the whole sarcophagus.

It removes meters and meters of strip with face of surprise to the not understanding of where it leaves so much amount of tape.

Tell the public that you already suspect where it comes from, since the mummy is inside the sarcophagus, and when you open it again you will see that the mummy is not rolled up with the ribbon but is lightly clothed and is not actually as ugly as the people He thought

Manufactured under the standards of Arsene Lupine with the highest quality in its finishes.

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