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  • Trilero Bombero by Arsene Lupin
Trilero Bombero by Arsene Lupin

Fire Man Monte by Arsene Lupin

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The quality in the manufacture of Arsene Lupine's articles makes them unique and professional.

This monte is unique, since its presentation allows you to make the routine as comical as you want.

The performer presents three firemen, who have a horn at their back.

When you press the horns, only one of them sounds, while the other two do not emit any sound.

The game consists of following the fireman who has the horn that sounds.

The magician mixes the firemen between them, trying to confuse the audience so that they lose sight of the sound.

When the viewer chooses the firefighter, the magician tightens the horn, and proves that this does not sound, since it is the wrong firefighter, and shows that another is correct.

To make the task easier for the spectator, the magician removes one of the firemen from which the horn does not sound, and then resumes another so that the spectators can return to looking at which one is the one to follow.

Now repeat the operation of mixing the two firemen, again, to confuse the audience.

Mysteriously, even if there are only two firefighters, the viewers will not be able to locate the correct firefighter again.

The magician  insists that it is simple, but it will facilitate the thing a little more, removes another firefighter, and says that he will do the monte  only with a one fireman.

Before the laughter of everyone, the magician performs the monte, but only with one of them, so the fun is guaranteed.

The fabulous thing about the effect is that when the spectators say that the fireman that sounds is the one on the table, when the magician squeezes it, it will not sound, although moments before it has done so.

This moment is summit, since the public does not understand how the effect could have happened. The magician , laughing, says he is going to explain the secret, and then he teaches that under the table he has a hidden horn that is the one that makes it sound as he presses the fireman's horn.

This will generate even more laughter, but what will be genuinely fun, is when the magician delivers this last horn to the public, and they see that it does not sound either.

A professional effect, little seen, that will entertain the youngest, but that will leave the most elated and surprised.

The best comic magicians perform this stupendous routine

If you are looking for original and quality effects do not miss the opportunity to have this.


2 Items


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